The Water Collector allows the player to create fresh water from sea water. Wood is burnt during the process.

In addition to the components listed below, 2 Buckets (or 1 bucket and a drinkable coconut) are needed to use the Water Collector. Buckets can later be recovered.

Construction components:

- Stick x8

- Tarp x1

- Lashing x5

- Fire Spit x1

Place a Campfire where you would like your Water Collector to be. Upgrade through Campfire -> Campfire Pit -> Campfire Spit, then craft the Water Collector on top of the Campfire Spit.


Fill a bucket with seawater by dropping it into the shallows, ensuring it has been fully submerged, then recover the bucket.

Hold the seawater bucket and mouse over the lower part of the Water Collector labelled "Spit". Left click to place the bucket of seawater.

Next take a Drinkable Coconut or Bucket (that does not contain sea water). Mouse over the upper part of the Water Collector where the tarp is. It will be labelled "Water Collector." Left click to place your bucket/coconut. Note that a Drinkable Coconut will only hold one serve of water, and will need to be replaced regularly to prevent waste.

Ignite your campfire to begin the process.

When complete, left click your bucket/coconut to recover it. The bucket can usually be placed upright on a level surface without spilling by orienting your mouse cursor at the horizon with bucket in hand, then dropping it. You may need to do this to keep your fresh and sea water buckets separate.

Refill and replace the sea water bucket if it runs out of sea water.

Wood Consumption while Asleep/Away:

It should be noted that placing 2 logs into the campfire then leaving the island or sleeping will yield a full bucket of fresh water on returning/waking.

Using 1 log will yield a bucket that is three fifths full (3 servings).

This method consumes less wood per unit of water than watching your fire burn. It is notable, but may not be intended behaviour.