Currently there is no official victory in game. Unofficially though, players may choose to implement their own victory.

Methods of Doing This Edit

Players may set a goal e.g. survive to day 14 by many ways. Here are some ideas: (Bear in mind though, different players like different things & methods.)

  1. Rolling Dice - E.G. Day two, *two die roll* "8" no rescue. Day 3 "12" No rescue Day 4 "10" Yes! I must only survive until day 4!
  2. Deciding mentally. Thinking up one based on survival novels or other, seems a pretty logical way to go about things. The novel 'Hatchet' has the main character rescued from the Canadian woods after 54 days. (Just an example. I imagine in game 54 days would get very tedious, so I personally would shorten it.)
  3. Not quite a "Survive till X day" thing, but every time you notice a plane overhead have a chance of it spotting you. Without a flare or fire, it would be about 1 in 1000 if one was lucky. But with a fire or flare it goes up drastically. I would set it at 1/8 or 1/4. Just a suggestion.

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