Hello!  My name is Pinkachu and I am here to shiny up your community wikia a bit. We have noticed that this site has been gaining attention from our visitors and we though a new look with more mobile friendly features would be awesome! I left a message on your Admin's wall last week but have not heard from them. We are also attempting to curb your recent influx of spam and vandalism. Anytime there's a concern regarding the wikia that your Admin is not able to solve or is not responding to, please use Special:Contact and let us know. We will do our best to help resolve the issue. 

I have removed some of the non-game related videos and pictures from the site (unless they are user profile pictures and are acceptable per TOU) and will be watching for more of those. After we get the wikia cleaned up, we will contact the developers and make sure they know this awesome community is here for their fans. I play the game myself and will be going through the categories and fixing anything that doesn't seem quite right. If you have any concerns regarding the work I am doing here, feel free to comment directly on my wall. If you have ideas for me regarding the design or content, please comment below so other users can see it and discuss it. I have also opened up the chat room and forums on this site. Thanks!!

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