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Storable 4
Usages Light Source

The torch is a loot item in Stranded Deep. It is a large battery-operated light source that can be used to illuminate an area in a certain direction.

As of v0.14, once acquired the torch takes up one inventory slot and must press LMP to use it however in v0.3 when acquired the torch was permanently equipped and R must be pressed in order to activate it. The light it gives is bright, but only illuminates in the direction the player is looking. The torch's range is limited, but not as much as the flare's.

The torch will also work underwater, allowing for the exploration of deeper and darker parts of the ocean or inside enclosed ship compartments. It is also a good tool to use to scare away sharks.

In version 0.42.04 the torch is lit by holding it in your hand and bringing it closer to a camp fire by holding down E.

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Trivia Edit

  • Like other loot items, despite spending a considerable amount of time inside underwater shipwrecks, the torch manages to remain almost completely well-preserved, to the point where it functions without any sort of fault to speak of (e.g. flickering). The torch's battery compartment also seems to be well-sealed, as the battery inside appears to work in good condition.

Version HistoryEdit

Version Release date Summary of changes
0.03.H3 May 5, 2015 Fixed not being able to obtain the torch with a full inventory.
0.03.H2 Apr 30, 2015 Added a notification to notify the player that the item has been equipped.
0.03.H1 Mar 23, 2015 Fixed torches not equipping properly.
0.03 Mar 21, 2015 Torch's functionality changed; once found, is now permanently equipped and toggled using a separate key binding (default 'R').
0.01 Jan 23, 2015 Added to the game.