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Stranded Deep is an open world survival simulator game currently in development by BEAM Team Games. It is currently available for Early Access on Steam. It is ideal to keep the information provided on this wiki as current as possible, but as the game is still in development, everything is still subject to change. Articles that are speculation and not confirmable in game will be removed. Please use our forums and chat room for discussions. Welcome to our community!


Stranded Deep is a survival simulator set in an open world environment. After a violent plane crash out in the Pacific Ocean, players, armed with nothing but a small backpack and a few items, have to find a way out of the plane and find the raft floating on the surface. After making their way to a nearby island players will need to figure out what to do to survive; they'd best start quickly, because nightfall is coming. Out in the distance are other islands, shipwrecks to explore and sharks. Lots and lots of sharks. How long will YOU survive? This game is currently on Early Access and already has tons of excellent reviews. READ MORE....


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Stranded Deep - Official Teaser Trailer

Official Teaser Trailer

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