1. Stranded Deep
    Stranded Deep is a 2015 open-world survival game developed by Australian-based independent game development studio BEAM Team Games. It was first released on January 23, 2015 as an early access title for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and is available on Steam for $15.

The game revolves around a marooned survivor that becomes stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean following a plane crash, and his attempts to survive on his own using whatever he can find while trying to find a way back to civilization.

Plot Edit

Following a severe plane crash caused by unknown circumstances en-route to Japan for a business conference, the player wakes up to find that they are the lone survivor of the ordeal. with nothing but your skills and what you can find in the environment you must survive in the islands of the Pacific.

Gameplay Edit

Throughout their journeys, the player will encounter many exotic views, many hazards and many of the ocean's fauna - lush coral reefs, vast sights, an abundance of fish and marine life, as well as more significant features such as sharks and even whales. Though these sights may capture the awe and attention of the player, they must steer clear of many things; some may poison, some may cause illness, while others will outright kill the player.

Survival on the islands will determine whether or not the player has the necessary skills needed to thrive on such a vast but empty environment. The player will need to keep themselves satiated on food and water in order to prevent any illnesses or diseases from being contracted. Crafting also becomes a key skill when surviving, as different tools are needed for different purposes - axes and hammers can be hand-made for building, while knives and spears can be made for more practical usage. Shelters can be erected to keep the player safe from environmental hazards, and crude vehicles can be crafted to aid the player in travel.

Along with using the available resources found on land, the player may also choose to dive deep in search of supplies left behind by past explorations. The leftover remnants of ancient ships and crashed planes can be discovered strewn about the ocean's floor; within them, their cargo. Players are able to make use of these supplies to aid them in their survival, and may also possibly increase their chances of a rescue. However, exploring the depths comes with a risk, as deadly marine life can be found dwelling the waters around them, putting the player in danger.

Currently, there is no way to "beat the game", the current objective being to simply survive as long as possible. Following the fateful crash, the player will never see human civilization again.

Playstyles Edit

There are two general playstyles the player assumes when playing Stranded Deep. Note that playstyles are not directly chosen by the player, but are emulated by the player.

Hermit Edit

The Hermit playstyle is the safer playstyle of the two that new players generally choose, fearing what they do not know. This consists of very few voyages for resources, and staying in a known, sheltered area, hence the name, Hermit.


The Pirate playstyle allows for greater and more freely conducted exploration of the world. Pirates do not have a designated home island and thus do not have to worry about getting lost, because they cannot. This playstyle does not guarantee as much stability as the Hermit playstyle, and the player runs a greater risk of dying from poison or injury for lack of immediate medical resources. Items like the bandage are very useful if kept in a Pirate's backpack.

Version History Edit



- Fixed bright white screen flash at certain camera angles.  - Fixed items not un-highlighting under some scenarios.  - Fixed single coconut remaining when chopping down palms.  - Fixed being able to stab multiple animals onto spear. 


- Added support for item specific interactions, knife skinning, fire lighting materials, etc.  - Restored Paddle animations.  - Restored Weather.  - Reduced Grass popping.  - Reverted Torch back to an item that needs to be equipped.  - Renamed Water Collector and Water Still to Water Distiller and Solar Still


  • - Added new Skinning system! 
  • - Added new Fire Lighting system! 
  • - Added new Meat item! 

- Added new Kindling crafting item!  - Added new Snake ragdoll!  



- Added new holding animation for larger objects.  - Added new grass quality setting toggle.  - Added polarising filter for more vibrant daytime sky.  - Added individual inventory stack sizes for different item types.  - Added additional notification if trying to place a construction with environmental obstructions.  - Added ability to navigate through items in an inventory slot.  - Added ability to select free hands by selecting empty inventory slot.  - Added ability to select free hands with the Tilde [~] key.  - Added ability to close crafting menu again with [C] key.  - Added ability to carry large objects like logs.  - Added missing colliders to prop trees and plants.  - Changed interacting to use the [Pickup] key.  - Changed crafting menu to stay on the crafting page you left.  - Improved dropping items from inventory and reduced throwing effect.  - Improved Watch animations - smoother with better viewing positions.  - Improved Ragdoll animals saving. Ragdolls now save bone positions to reduce flipping out on load.  - Restored unique colours for different crafting modes.  - Removed unnecessary structure proximity check for smaller constructions.  - Reduced ocean shore fade for more dynamic waves close to shore.  - Reduced GPU loads on main menu screen by locking to 30FPS.  - Removed Sharks regaining health.


- Fixed Alt+Tab destroying a depth texture and breaking fog and underwater effects.  - Fixed camera jitter after loading a game.  - Fixed artefacts from camp fire particles.  - Fixed artefact with fog clipping through ocean waves when floating.  - Fixed unnecessary Hobo Stove proximity checks.  - Fixed being able to use items on objects far away, chopping trees, etc.  - Fixed bug where interacting would think you were still looking at a container.  - Fixed a small possibility of not being able to craft when a shark was nearby.  - Fixed Sharks dissapearing from leaving a biome and not be saved correctly.  - Fixed Items being out of view while crouched.  - Fixed holding Items not following the camera when looking up or down.


- Added new Bow and Arrow items!  The simple bow is intended for mid-range damage. It’s sighted with the cursor and bow sight for approximately 15 meters. Arrows will break if shot into hard surfaces like rock or steel. 

- Added new Throwable Spear item!  The spear is intended for close to short range damage. Spears will break if shot into hard surfaces like rock or steel.

- Added new Snake animal!  The new snake will attack and inflict damage if you get too close. Watch where you step, avoid the long grass and listen out for any aggressive snake sounds when scavenging your island! The snake can’t be killed at the moment. 

- Added better Crab intelligence!  Crab AI has been improved and they no longer have a "nest". Crabs can be found individually on shorelines and will behave much more naturally, exploring the island, avoiding the player …and whatever else crabs do. Crabs do not currently respawn so ration them carefully. 

- Added new Boar animal!  Tiny wild boar can be found on larger islands. They are very shy and very quick! 

- Added new Aiming mechanic!  When a fireable object like the new Bow or Spear are equipped, you can hold the secondary action button (right mouse click by default) to enter aiming mode. You then fire the item as normal with the left mouse button. 

- Added new Pickup animation!  A small addition but helps with feedback so items aren’t just disappearing into the inventory. 

- Added Deferred Translucency! Previously we were rendering translucent objects in forward rendering. There was a significant overhead as translucent objects needed to be rendered separately for proper translucent lighting (as it is not supported natively by Unity) and then blended with the deferred objects. Now all translucency is rendered in deferred. All users get translucency now, so win-win. The translucency option has been removed as the performance impact is negligible. 

- Added dedicated Game Launcher!  Due to player feedback about not being able to select DirectX versions when launching the game from desktop shortcuts, a custom game launcher has been added. The new launcher allows you pick the DirectX version for all scenarios, not only when launching from the Steam library. You can also pick the fullscreen mode you prefer. Exclusive mode is better for performance and users running SLI setups, however Alt+Tabbing is not supported under DirectX 11.0 with exclusive mode. The Borderless Window option is available for players who want to use DirectX 11.0 and need to stream or access background tasks with Alt+Tab. The old Steam launch options have been removed. 

- New Grass models!  - New Ground Cover models!  - New Sand terrain texture!  - New Sand and Pebbles terrain texture!  - New Young Palm Tree plant model!  - New Potato Plant plant model!  

Version 0.09 Edit


- Fixed no height limit on foundation building pieces.  - Fixed a bug preventing you from exiting the options menu in the map editor.  - Fixed a bug with lanterns activating other lanterns materials.  - Fixed a bug affecting lanterns when destroyed.  - Fixed a bug affecting sharks when destroyed.  - Fixed incorrect ocean tide level.  - Fixed shipwreck loot containers being spawned 100% time.  - Fixed problems with sharks having difficulty locating player.  CHANGES

- Improved error testing and reporting for invalid or corrupt world and map folder structures.  - Improved speed of save file validation significantly.  - Changed life raft functionality to incorporate new vehicle system mechanics.  - Changed plant harvesting to no longer display real time growth as too confusing for players.  - Added preview images for new pieces to crafting menu.  - Added more complete descriptions for building pieces to crafting menu.  - Reversed combination’s materials required and available order in crafting menu.  - Added new Decal system.  - Added new Yucca plant model.  - Addfed individual driftwood log pieces to terrain generation.  NEW CONTENT

- Added new Raft Building system!  This update introduces the first iteration of the new raft building system. The new rafts are constructed from three components - a Raft Base, a Raft Floor and a Vehicle. You first need to construct a floating Raft Base with the various buoyant scrap you can find. A Raft Floor can then be added on top of the Raft Base, from which any Vehicle can be attached to. The raft system functions in a very similar way to the normal building system - snapping the different components together. There is no limit on raft size at the moment, but be aware that the buoyancy is only calculated for a certain number of points across the raft’s dimensions for performance considerations, so very large rafts may lose some accuracy. As the system’s development continues, we’ll be adding more extensions like canopies and storage containers to carry items more reliably on your raft. 

- Added new Vehicle system!  Vehicles are objects that you can interact with (like you would to open a container for eg) to begin operating them. In general, vehicles are controlled with the WASD keys. There can be slight variations depending on the type of vehicle. Vehicles with a rudder or sail are controlled normally with the WASD keys, however the life raft in particular is controlled by moving forward with the W key and looking in the direction you want to paddle. We will be fine tuning the different vehicle characteristics and benefits as development continues 

It’s worth mentioning that the life raft is also missing the paddling animation, but this will come back when the player model is incorporated soon. 

- Added new building category – Raft Bases!  - Added Wood Bundle Raft Base building part.  - Added Tyres Raft Base building part.  - Added Barrels Raft Base building part.  - Added Buoy Balls Raft Base building part. 

- Added new building category – Raft Floors!  - Added Driftwood Raft Floor building part.  - Added Wood Raft Floor building part.  - Added Plank Raft Floor building part.  - Added Corrugated Raft Floor building part.  - Added Steel Raft Floor building part. 

- Added new building category – Vehicles!  - Added Tarp Sail vehicle.  - Added Boat Motor vehicle. 

- Added Tyre building material.  - Added Tyre Pile salvageable scrap.  - Added Barrel building material.  - Added Barrel Pile salvageable scrap.  - Added Buoy Ball building material.  - Added Buoy Ball Pile salvageable scrap.

Version 0.08 Edit


- Fixed visual artefacts with distant objects appearing in ocean refractions.  - Fixed adaptive tone mapping buffer increasing triangle count by ~100k.  - Fixed visual artefacts in building placing shader.  - Fixed lighting artefacts on ocean when using a torch.  - Fixed building wall rotation being flipped 180 degrees.  CHANGES

- Increased performance by significantly decreasing draw calls.  - Reduced terrain mesh popping from over-aggressive tessellation.  - Optimized ocean overlays for non-islands biomes.  - Improved entire Corrugated building tier appearance.  - Improved Wood tier's wall caps appearance.  - Removed ability to place walls as roof panels for now (use floors instead).  NEW CONTENT

- Added Driftwood Steps building part!  - Added new building category – Half Walls!  - Added Driftwood Half Wall building part.  - Added Wood Half Wall building part.  - Added Plank Half Wall building part.  - Added Corrugated Half Wall building part.  - Added Steel Half Wall building part. 

- Added new building category – Arches!  - Added Driftwood Arch building part.  - Added Wood Arch building part.  - Added Plank Arch building part.  - Added Corrugated Arch building part.  - Added Steel Arch building part. 

- Added new building category – Doors!  - Added Driftwood Door building part.  - Added Wood Door building part.  - Added Plank Door building part.  - Added Corrugated Door building part.  - Added Steel Door building part. 

- Added new building category – Windows!  - Added Driftwood Window building part.  - Added Wood Window building part.  - Added Plank Window building part.  - Added Corrugated Window building part.  - Added Steel Window building part. 

Version 0.07 Edit

New Content Edit

  • Added Wedge Foundations for each foundation type including driftwood,wood,plank,scrap and steel
  • Added Wedge Floors which which can be placed on walls, they also include all foundation types including driftwood,wood,plank,scrap and steel

Version 0.06 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a large bug since initial release with large object collections reducing FPS dramatically.
  • Fixed visual errors caused by depth texture banding.
  • Fixed an issue with cameras using different culling methods.
  • Fixed an issue with sharks spawning at wrong positions and being destroyed.
  • Fixed a selected object staying highlighted if “Item Highlighting” turned off.
  • Fixed world seed dialogue’s input field not auto-highlighting.
  • Fixed fish not entering and exiting polling mode correctly resulting in low numbers.
  • Fixed using held item when confirming crafting.
  • Fixed low generation of potatoes and shipwrecks.
  • Fixed a bug where crosshair options were not taking effect.
  • Fixed the scrollbar in graphics options menu displaying incorrectly

Changes Edit

  • Added building combination descriptions.
  • Added optional ocean rotation for moving platforms.
  • Added menu slider for new rotation feature under “Gameplay” section.
  • Added tooltip functionality for settings selection in options menu.
  • Added large trees to procedurally generated islands.
  • Adjusted Palm Tree’s level of detail.
  • Adjusted Rock’s level of detail.
  • Adjusted player walking speed from 3 to 4.
  • Adjusted player sprint speed from 5 to 6.5.
  • Adjusted player crouch speed from 1.5 to 2.
  • Adjusted player jump height from 4 to 5.
  • Changed placing distances for various crafting items.
  • Changed Stick model to suit new wood tier.
  • Changed culling distances for various layers – particles, objects, animals, etc.
  • Changed various UI menu design elements.
  • Changed key bindings so pressing escape will also cancel constructing.
  • Changed key bindings for crouching to default to left ‘Control’ key.
  • Changed key binding for crafting menu to default to “C” key.
  • Improved performance for SLI/Crossfire systems.
  • Improved visuals for distant islands (Still a large work in progress).
  • Improved visibility of menu cursor icon.
  • Improved ambient lighting.
  • Improved lighting to add more contrast.
  • Improved terrain loading times.
  • Improved grass and small plant models for the follow spawn system.
  • Increased shadow strength for more contrast.
  • Increased inventory slots from 8 to 15.
  • Removed materials re-appearing in front of you when cancelling a construction.
  • Removed settings dialogue on start. All game settings, including resolution, are now made through the in-game options menu.

New content Edit

  • Added new UI menus!
  • Added new Crafting Menu!
  • Added new Map Editor!
  • Added new World Editor!
  • Added new Terrain System!
  • Added new Ocean System!
  • Added better Caustics!
  • Added Tides!
  • Added new Building System!
  • Added new Building Structural Support!
  • Added Building Collisions  and Structure Boundaries!
  • Added new Destruction Gibs!
  • Added DirectX 11 Support!
  • Added new DirectX 9 starting option! 
  • Added new Reflection Probes for DX11!
  • Added new HDR Tone Mapping effect!
  • Added new HDR Eye Adaptation effect!
  • Added new Motion Blur effect!
  • Added new Depth of Field effect!
  • Added new Rocks!
  • Added new Cliff Rocks!
  • Added new Ceriman Plant!
  • Added new Banana Frond Plant!
  • Added new Philodendron Plant!
  • Added new Ficus Trees!
  • Added new Palm Trees!
  • Added Tree harvesting particles.
  • Added Speedtree and billboard support to Ficus trees.
  • Added Translucency option to graphics menu to toggle cloth and foliage translucency.
  • Added a new building tier – Driftwood!
  • Added new Drift Wood resource!
  • Added Driftwood Foundation building part.
  • Added Driftwood Floor building part.
  • Added Driftwood Panel building part. 
  • Added Driftwood Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Wood!
  • Added Wood Foundation building part.
  • Added Wood Floor building part.
  • Added Wood Panel building part. 
  • Added Wood Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Plank!
  • Added Plank Foundation building part.
  • Added Plank Floor building part.
  • Added Plank Panel building part. 
  • Added Plank Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Steel!
  • Added Steel Foundation building part.
  • Added Steel Floor building part.
  • Added Steel Panel building part. 
  • Added Steel Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Corrugated!
  • Added Corrugated Foundation building part.
  • Added Corrugated Floor building part.
  • Added Corrugated Panel building part. 
  • Added Corrugated Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Plank!
  • Added Plank Foundation building part.
  • Added Plank Floor building part.
  • Added Plank Panel building part. 
  • Added Plank Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Cloth/Tarp!
  • Added Tarp Panel building part.
  • Added Tarp Panel Caps building part.
  • Added a new building tier – Container!
  • Added Shipping Container Panel building part.
  • Added a new Salvage part – Shipping Container!
  • Added a new Salvage part – Steel Scrap!
  • Added a new Salvage part – Corrugated Scrap!
  • Added a new Salvage part – Plank Scrap!

Version 0.04.E3 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Watch – Tweaked screen elements for better visibility. Adjusted specular and added normal map and glass effect. 
  • Watch – Fixed backlight not lighting up at night. 
  • Lantern – Fixed missing glass shader and light effect. 
  • Bucket – Fixed missing water shader. 
  • Liferaft – Yellow life raft has returned. 
  • Player – Fixed lighting errors with torch and player arm. 
  • Player – Fixed arm effects shader to work with new lighting model. 
  • Player – Proper skin shader is back. 
  • Player – Fixed standing under ceilings and going through them. 
  • Player – Fixed inaccuracies between ground collisions. 
  • Moon – Fixed the moon halo appearing under the ocean. 
  • Crabs – Fixed slow crab moving speed. 
  • Trees – Fixed tree billboards not rendering to depth properly, being overwritten by fog, etc. 
  • Shadows – Fixed a bug where underwater objects were casting shadows on ocean surface. 
  • Crafting – Fixed crafting object highlight and placing object highlight for crafting and building. Optimized memory required for batching. 
  • UI – Fixed incorrect widget highlighting colours caused by new HDR colour picker in Unity 5. 
  • UI – Fixed a bug where confirmation dialogues would not appear over options menu. 
  • Crafting – Fixed a bug in the crafting popup menu where the scrolling list would not reset to the top. 
  • Crafting – Fixed first element in crafting popup not highlighting on first open. 
  • Crafting – Fixed steps not locking into position. 
  • Saving – Fixed a bug where the following items would not be saved: landshark sign, multi-story foundation, multi-story steps, windowed walls and labelmaker. 
  • Menus – Fixed a bug where you would exit to a black screen after dying. 
  • Containers – Tidied up all container, cases and console colliders. Changed from mesh colliders to compound primitive colliders. 
  • Bouncing Container Items – This is a problem between primitive colliders and mesh colliders. The bouncing items should be fixed for containers. It may still be a problem for rocks. 

WIP and New Content Edit

  • Unity – Upgraded to latest version of Unity, 5.1.0F3. 
  • Antialiasing – New SMAA algorithm. Changed antialiasing render settings. 
  • Ambient Occlusion – New ambient occlusion effect. 

Known Issues Edit

  • Ocean – The ocean surface underwater is currently being affected by ambient occlusion. 
  • Foliage – Back faces of bushes and larger trees aren’t being lit correctly. 

Version 0.04.E2 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Watch – Fixed watch screen not rendering. 
  • Input – Fixed input menu key bindings setting to “None”. 
  • UI – Fixed scaling for different aspect ratios to scale proportionally to any resolution now. 
  • UI – Fixed missing gradient from controls. 
  • UI – Started cleaning up and optimizing hierarchy to reduce draw calls. 
  • Urchin – Fixed material rendering without transparency. 
  • Wollie - Fixed material rendering without transparency. 
  • Cloth – Fixed rendering as pink from missing shader. 
  • Rain – Fixed rendering as pink from missing shader. 
  • Raft – Fixed jittery raft when paddling. 
  • Ocean – Fixed foam lighting error with additional lights. 

WIP and New Content Edit

  • Steam – Started to add in functionality to support Steam stats and achievements. The “days survived” counter on the main menu should now display correctly after you save the game from now on. 
  • Shadows – Added grass and foliage shadows for “Ultra” quality setting. 
  • Shadows – Increased resolution for “Ultra” quality setting. 
  • UI – Converted inventory UI to new UI system. 
  • UI – Converted general HUD elements UI to new UI system. 
  • UI – Converted notifications to new UI system. 
  • UI – Converted watch UI to new UI system. 
  • Lighting – Moved ambient lighting LUT creation offline. 

Notes Edit

  • Pink Shaders – There may be a few pink shaders about. Feel free to post them in the bug reports section, EXCEPT for objects that are obviously meant to be glass. We haven't written a glass shader compatible with the new BRDF yet. 
  • Shaders – A few objects are missing their proper normal and specular maps. We’re in the middle of consolidating all our shaders at the moment, so we’ll be getting to them. ALL tree and foliage shaders are not complete or plain broken. We’re working on tying these up asap. 
  • Shadows – We’re seeing some annoying artefacts with the shadow system we use. We’re looking into it. 
  • UI – All the UI has been moved over from our old system to UGUI. All of the UI elements are works in progress, but are functional.

Version 0.04.E1 Edit

New Content Edit

  • Game Build First experimental build - ported game to Unity 5 engine.

Version 0.03.H3 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Saving – Fixed a bug with Steam attempting to initialize twice and throwing an exception. This would result in not being able to continue the correct saved game after quitting to the main menu without quitting to desktop and restarting. 
  • Antibiotics –  Removed conditions for anti-venom item which didn’t make it into the last update and reverted to using antibiotics to cure poisoning and vitamins for sickness as before. 
  • Main Menu – Reports had been made of seeing the main menu logo with no menu options. This couldn’t be replicated but changes were made in an effort to fix anything that could have been the cause. Please keep us posted if you experience any more issues. 
  • Intro – Changed key binding for skipping the intro to [Esc] to fix interfering with AZERTY keyboards.  
  • Torch – Fixed bug where you couldn’t pick up the permanently equipped torch if you have a full inventory. 
  • Campfire – Reduced flame distortion to more realistic level. Cleaned up prefab. 

New Content Edit

  • Loading – The loading screen now has a courtesy warning for Yosemite users for long wait times. 
  • Loading – The loading screen now displays tips.

Version 0.03.H2 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Raft Motor – Now requires a hammer to be built.
  • Fire Spit – Now updates display name when attached cookable is cooked. 
  • Shipwrecks – Fixed visual error with glass shader not blending with fog. 
  • Crafting – Fixed “lashing” material name incorrectly appearing as “rope” in crafting option’s material list. 
  • Building – Fixed a bug where foundations would default to a raft when snapping to an existing foundation over water. 
  • HUD Information Option – Fixed a bug where toggling the display of item names was not applying in game. 
  • Input Options – Fixed a rather annoying bug for players where mouse buttons were reassigning as the mouse axis. 
  • Goggles, Flippers and Torch – Added a notification for now to notify player that these items have been equipped. 
  • Flying – The last known dragging-flying exploit, aka the “broomstick” method, has been fixed. 
  • Water Bottles – Fixed a bug with all food items not saving data. This would result in water bottles refilling when loaded back, etc. 
  • Rafts – Adjusted ladder colliders for wooden rafts for easier climbing. 
  • Crabs – Fixed immortal crabs when cooking alive. Crabs now die if you cook them alive by dragging onto a fire, etc. 
  • Rain – Fixed weather effects not having appropriate filter when underwater.

New Content Edit

  • Saving – It’s now possible to have multiple save game files. Your save file is now saved local to the game’s installation in a folder named after your Steam ID. It may look like a random series of numbers but it actually corresponds to your unique user ID on Steam. It’s worth mentioning that there are a few ways to identify your Steam ID if you need to. A quick google search will help here. 
  • Saving – Internal optimisations to save file parser. 
  • World Seed – You can now share your world seed. You will be prompted to input a world seed when you select “New Game” on the main menu. You can view your world seed on the bottom right corner of the pause menu. 
  • Player – More randomized and more variety of player sound effects. Improved jumping sounds and more variety. Improved landing sounds and more variety. Vomitting sounds effects. Improved breathing sounds effects 
  • Label Maker – New item! A small side item that introduces a new mechanic to rename items if that’s your thing. 

Balancing Edit

  • Sharks – Dynamically adjusted circling radius based on the damage dealt to the shark. 
  • Sharks – Less crazy raft bumping! 
  • Sharks – Temporary fix to spamming damage by holding down the use item key. 
  • Sharks – Will lose interest in players when on land. 
  • Sharks – Increased maximum damage: Tiger Sharks from 1000 to 2250, Great whites from 2000 to 3350. 
  • Sharks – Regain 0.5 health per second after 320 seconds have passed since last receiving damage. 
  • Balance - Adjusted compass model holding view. 
  • Balance – Decreased various fish spawn chances. Sharks are now much rarer.
    • Tiger shark from 100% to 30%,
    • Great White from 100% to 18%, 
    • Reef Sharks from 100% to 25%, 
    • Marlin from 100% to 25%, 
    • Whales from 20% to 6%, 
    • Stingrays 100% to 65%, 
    • Turtles from 100% to 55%.
  • Balance – Loot container item spawn chance. Container slots now have a slight chance for spawning nothing (average 90% to spawn). 

Version 0.03.H1 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Sea Forts – Lowered generation amount.
  • Sea Forts – Fixed no-clipping through various doors and containers. 
  • Rafts – Fixed the erratic raft buoyancy. 
  • Torches – Fixed a bug where torches were not equipping. Value should now apply when you pick up a torch or flashlight
  • Player – Added a “Toggle Crouch” option to the input menu. Toggled off will keep the original behaviour of remaining crouched after the crouch key is pressed. Toggled on, you will need to hold the crouch key to remain crouched. 
  • Windowed Walls – Fixed windowed walls saving with incorrect id. Unfortunately, any windowed walls that have been saved as walls will remain as walls, but the problem is fixed for any future windowed walls. 
  • Rain – Improved rain appearing through sea forts. Collision accuracy still needs some tweaking. 
  • Shipwrecks – Fixed a bug with an incorrect shipwreck prefab id being saved. The “Boat of Doom” was replacing one of our newer shipwrecks. This has been fixed for the future, however if a “Boat of Doom” has been saved on shore previously, it will remain. 
  • Building – Fixed a chance of not being able to place a foundation over stairs upper level. 
  • Crafting – Fixed raft motor crafting combination not requiring a raft. 
  • Crafting – Fixed a bug with picking up materials when in the crafting menu. 
  • Fire Spit – Fixed a bug with destroying a Fire Spit leaving an attached cookable stuck forever.

Version 0.03 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Vải - Sửa lỗi chính tả trong mô tả.
  • Cloth – Fixed bug with crafting trigger not activating.
  • Paddle – Fixed a bug with paddle buoyancy flying to the surface.
  • Foundations – Hard to replicate but hopefully fixed Items falling through foundations. Time and player feedback will tell with this one. Only other thing is possibly destroying order of things?
  • Context Menus – Fixed context menu spam and using items when closing menus spam.
  • Context Menus – Fixed a bug with the context menu interacting collider.
  • Context Menus – Fixed a bug where constructing combos options were getting cut off with a long list.
  • Crafting – Some improvement made to lag when equipping a hammer to switch between building and crafting modes with large collections and buildings. There’s a lot more work to be done here, but it should be better.
  • Building – Improved foundation collisions. You can now walk underneath foundations and place on rocky terrain. This does allow the ability to do silly things like placing structures inside rocks, so beware.
  • Doors – Fixed shipwreck door collisions.
  • Doors – Fixed all door colliders moving player when opening.
  • Medical Supplies – Fixed bug with infinite medical supplies.
  • Airtank – Players seem to be a bit confused with this one so we reworked the functionality to make it less confusing and more consistent. Previously, the airtank had a set capacity and would refill your air deficit. Now it just has a set number of uses so make sure you get the best out of them.
  • Fire Spit – Now displays the attached cookable’s name.
  • Ocean – Fixed a bug where the ocean would turn red during weather events.
  • Trees – Fixed a bug where cut down connected tree trunks where loading back as logs not trunks.
  • Doors – Door model now indicates which way the door opens when placing.
  • Steps – Building materials have been adjusted. Previously the steps were a ‘luxury’ item. Now they are a requirement for accessing second stories, so the material requirement has also been adjusted. Steps are now 4x stick, 2x Rope.
  • Beds – Reduced size to fit inside a single foundation.
  • Bubbles – Fixed bug where bubble markers were disappearing.
  • Shipwrecks – Plane shipwreck now has bubble markers.
  • Boat Motor – Fixed fuel gauge only updating when boat motor was running.
  • Player – Changed crouching mechanic. You now have to hold the crouch key to remain crouched.
  • Bucket – Fixed the “portal/stargate” bug.
  • Coconuts – Fixed a rare occurrence of a missing reference.
  • Whale – Fixed constant whale noise spam.
  • Crabs – Fixed a bug where crabs weren’t being parented to the right node for re-centering and saving.
  • Boat Motor – Reduced the lawn mower’s volume from 0.7 to 0.4.
  • Effects – Fixed a bug with incorrect god rays appearing underwater (big orange blob).

New Content Edit

  • Sea Forts! – You can now explore a series of connected sea forts that provide great shelter and can contain various loot and supplies. Sea Forts are procedurally generated in the sand plains biome. Please note that we are working on a much more improved billboard system for the future so sea fort transitions may be jerky/sudden when loading biomes at this stage in development.
  • Multistory Building! – Official multistory building. This system is a work in progress and is in alpha stage and will be constantly evolving. There are currently a very few edge cases with unrealistic placements that will get cleaned up as the system progresses and finalizes. There’s no limitations on stories for now, so we can’t wait for the mega tower screenshots! We’ll be incorporating things like structural material limitations and more advanced destruction in future updates.
  • Interacting – New mechanic for interacting with objects! To interact with interactive objects like campfires, consoles and containers, hold the left mouse button down momentarily when the new interacting icon appears. Similarly, the crafting context menu icon has a new look. Clicking with the left mouse button will use your current item on the object you’re looking at, as normal. This mechanic opens up the ability to be able to destroy interactive items like campfires and doors, which has not been possible until now.
  • Steps – Steps functionality has been changed. When placing, you can rotate the orientation of the stairs to point in the direction you want. However, stairs can only be placed adjacent to a foundation.
  • Windows – You can now craft a Windowed Wall
  • Torch – The torch functionality has now changed. When found, it will be permanently equipped and can be toggled with the torch key (default is [R]). Any torches that already exist in the game world will be destroyed, so you will have to find a new one for this to take effect. Please note that this will eventually be incorporated into a left hand item, so don’t worry die-hards - no floating torches here ;)
  • Player Audio – A variety of new unique player character effects.
  • Fish Trap – You can now craft a functioning Fish Trap. At the moment it only catches fish, but we will expand on this in the future with crabs, crayfish, etc.

Version 0.02.H1 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Bed - Fixed disappearing beds. The disappearing bed bug was actually a blessing in disguise. This highlighted a rather large problem of an edge case where a biome’s items weren’t being saved properly. So a big problem has been fixed for not only the beds but every item (reports of sticks disappearing, etc).
  • Bed – Fixed backwards compatibility issue with flying beds.
  • Construction Objects – Increased culling distance.
  • Loading – Fixed an issue with new content and previous saves.
  • Ocean – Fixed graphical error in tutorial scene.
  • Potato – Can attach to Fire Spit.
  • Raft – Fixed some physics issues. Please note that these changes will not apply to existing saved rafts!
  • Sharks – Fixed jiggly shark soft bodies.
  • Sharks – Fixed the issue of being unable to move after a shark attack.
  • Sharks – Fixed an occurrence of the player marked as "being attacked" which prevented sharks attacking you.
  • Sharks – Players should no longer go under or become stuck in the terrain after a shark attack event.
  • Sharks – Minor tweaks to aggressiveness and crazy speed values
  • Sharks – Sharks will build aggression when attacked

Version 0.02 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Key Bindings – Removed secondary key bindings which was interfering with AZERTY keyboard users.
  • Menus – Fixed Audio Settings volume not applying when changed in-game.
  • Menus – Fixed Mouse Sensitivity settings not applying when changed in-game.
  • Menus – Fixed Input Menu’s scroll window position.
  • Inventory – Adjusted force when dropping items.
  • Intro – Disabled dropping functionality for tutorial items to avoid confusion.
  • Crafting – Fixed a bug where splitting an object with the dragging mechanic could stall the crafting system.
  • Crafting – Fixed the possibility of saving mid-craft/build and reloading with the ghost item stuck on-screen.
  • Cooking – Fixed cookable item’s display name “Cooking” status spamming on every reload. Note: any previously saved cookables will still display as “Cooked Cooked Cooked", etc.
  • Divers Slate - Fixed the Divers Slate holding position.
  • Coconuts – Adjusted the coconut spawn amount.
  • Coconuts – Coconuts viewing distance increased.
  • Coconuts – Fixed a bug where you couldn't crack a coconut on another island.
  • Fire Spit – Fixed a bug where if your inventory was full when picking something off the spit and then you made room and tried again, the item would not remove from the spit.
  • Bed – Is now a normal craftable item. You can now drag it around into your home.
  • Raft Motor – Fixed raft motor rotating further down with each reload.
  • Raft Motor – Fixed various bugs with durability and speed.
  • Raft Motor – Now has a fuel gauge.
  • Air Tank – Fixed infinite Airtank.
  • Various – Fixed various item display names (goggles, flippers, martini, etc).
  • Various – Fixed flying with dragging objects.
  • Shadows– Fixed all construction objects that weren't displaying shadows.
  • Harvestable Plants – Adjusted regrowth time.
  • Bucket – Adjusted tipping angle, cooking time and fixed various cooking bugs.
  • Lantern – Fixed a lighting bug with the lantern’s LOD and lighting masks.
  • Watch – Minor rendering optimization and moved closer for easier reading.
  • Land Sharks and Land Whales – Fixed.
  • Sharks – Adjusted spawn amount.
  • Sharks – Improved AI. Different shark species will flee from more dominant species. More aggressive in general.
  • Sharks – Improved AI. Adjusted curiosity; Sharks tracking velocity increased. More aggressive stalking behavior.
  • Sharks – Improved AI. Species are now more dependent on height, i.e: Great Whites will lurk below, Tiger sharks will roam on the surface.
  • Sharks – Fixed a large bug with the sharks biomes.
  • Sharks – More intense and aggressive attacking player animations,.
  • Crabs – Adjusted the crab population amount.
  • Crabs – Adjusted crab calories vs. coconut calories.
  • Crabs – Adjusted cooking time.
  • Fish – Fixed incorrect starting biomes. Fish species should now be correct for the current biome.
  • Fish – Improvements and fixed a large bug with the fish system’s bounds checking.
  • Audio – Higher bitrate rain sound.
  • Audio – Adjusted Paddle sound.
  • Audio – New drowning sound clip.
  • Loot – Fixed duplicate loot items.
  • Shipwrecks – Boat of doom no longer spawns on the shore.

New Content Edit

  • Menus – You can now choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Temperature System – Stranded Deep now has a completely new temperature system running in the background. It’s based off real world values for the Pacific region. It takes the time, day, month, year and humidity into account when calculating the current temperature and apparent temperature (how hot it feels). The ocean temperature falls off with depth based on real-world values that have been scaled to the game world. This system is still fairly fresh and will be incorporated more fully with your statistics in a future update (taking into account your exertion, whether you’re in shade, wet, etc).
  • Inventory – The inventory now displays the property of the first item in a slots stack, i.e: health, durability, servings, etc. (Please note there’s a lot of different attributes for items so it’s possible some might not prioritize the right attribute).
  • Turtle – New creature!
  • Sting Ray – New creature!
  • Blacktip Reef Shark – New creature!
  • Lion Fish – New creature!
  • Fish – New creature! Clown Trigger Fish.
  • Shipwrecks – New shipwrecks! Plane and ship bow.
  • Door – New buildable item! You can now construct a door for your home, similar to a wall.
  • Cloth – New item! You can now find cloth. This item is very much a placeholder and will be generally improved and integrated into more crafting combinations in the future.
  • Crude Bandage – New item! You can now craft a Crude Bandage.

Version 0.01.H1 Edit

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Rafts - Fixed the “Bermuda Triangle” bug. Rafts no longer disappear when travelling.
  • Rafts - Improved raft functionality with collisions and ladders.
  • Player - Fixed a bug where the player would be reloaded inside the terrain, shipwrecks, etc.
  • Player - Adjusted swimming speed.
  • Intro - Fixed “Bouncing Betty” bug, see:
  • Cooking - Fixed campfires where multiple cookable items would interfere with each other’s cooking times.
  • Menus - Fixed mouse sensitivity not applying.
  • Menus - Added key binding functionality (Controllers are not officially supported, but it is possible).
  • Menus - Added in-game options functionality.
  • Saving/Terrain - Fixed a large bug; An edge case where if loading a saved game, and then resaving, previously saved biomes were being overwritten.
  • Terrain - Adjusted rock and stick spawning quantity.
  • Saving - Fixed a bug where stabbed items on the end of a Spear weren't being saved.
  • Saving - Fixed item display names not saving.
  • Sharks - Fixed disappearing great white sharks when killed.
  • Sharks - Most sharks should not appear on land anymore..
  • Sharks - Fixed shark meat not attaching to a Fire Spit.
  • Sharks - Spear now damages sharks.
  • Sharks - Various AI changes to increase the difficulty (a little).
  • Marlin - Fixed disappearing Marlins when killed.
  • Sleeping - Changed sleeping times. You can now sleep anytime from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. The day count also increments properly now.
  • Flare Gun - Fixed using spam.
  • Harvesting Yuccas and Potatoes - Fixed incorrect scale of regrowing plants.
  • Drinkable Coconut - Fixed using animations and audio with various tools.
  • DeadEx Box - Can now be picked up.
  • Container and Doors - Fixed audio spam when entering loaded biomes.
  • Container and Doors - Fixed a large bug with loot spawning positions.
  • Various - Fixed various missing interactive object tags, descriptions, etc.
  • Various - Fixed the “Banana” yellow arm bug when looking at the watch and another lightsource was around.
  • Various - Fixed a hovering bug with one of the glass shaders.

New Content Edit

  • Elephants - New creature!
  • Divers Slate - New Easter Egg!
  • Airplane Motor - Is now craftable and functional. Have fun with this one! ;)

Trivia Edit

  1. Stranded deep is known as Castaway the game because of it's similarities to the movie which the protagonist's plane crashed and was stranded on an island
  2. because the company working on this game is small it usually takes 1, 2 or 3 months for the game to release an update.

External Links Edit

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