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The Steam Achievements are tasks that players can complete while playing Stranded Deep. Completing these achievements requires the player to be operating Stranded Deep via Steam.

As of the 0.02.H1 hotfix, these achievements are currently unavailable and cannot be completed. It is unknown when the Steam achievements will be implemented as a full feature, but will most likely be implemented following the end of the game's Beta testing period.

There are currently ten achievements listed on the Stranded Deep Steam page:

Image Achievement Description Reward Points
Horrific Pacific-icon Horrific Pacific Completed the intro tutorial
Day 10-icon Day 10 Survived for 10 days
Day 20-icon Day 20 Survived for 20 days
Backpacker-icon Backpacker Opened your backpack 20
Sharing Is Caring-icon Sharing Is Caring You vomited
Question Mark-icon Thor Struck by lightning
Question Mark-icon Mjolnir Struck by lightning while holding a hammer
Mr Wolf-icon Mr Wolf Checked your watch
Fish Are Friends-icon Fish Are Friends Went 10 days without eating a fish
Look What I Have Created!-icon Look What I Have Created! Crafted a camp fire

An eleventh achievement is also listed on the Stranded Deep Steam page, titled "Test Name" with "Test Description" listed as the description. This is simply a placeholder, and will be removed at a later date as more are implemented.

Two additional achievements can be found in the game's files:

Image Achievement Description Reward Points
Question Mark-icon King Of The Island Kill a shark with your bare hands 400
Question Mark-icon I've Got A Lovely Bunch Crack open a coconut 20

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