Spear Gun
A high quality pressurized harpoon gun.
Type Tool (Hunting)
Use Hunting fish
Appearance Now?
Stranded Deep S2E14 "Speargun!" (Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p60)22:37

Stranded Deep S2E14 "Speargun!" (Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p60)

The spear gun is a strong hunting tool with good durability, and is useful for hunting fish. It is currently not featured in the base game, but can be found in the game files. It can only be obtained by spawning it in using mods. In future updates, players may be able to find spear guns hidden inside lockers, toolboxes or hard cases contained within shipwrecks.

When in use, players are able to fire only, a single spear tethered to a line. The spear will need to be retrieved before the player can fire the gun again.

Uses Edit

The spear gun is intended to be used to hunt fish for food.

When using the spear gun, it is not recommended to be used to hunt sharks, as sharks do not get "insta-killed" from a single shot. The projectile will get stuck on the shark, startling it and causing it to swim away at disorienting speeds, pulling the player through the sea with it. The player will not be able to move in this state and the gun will need to be discarded in order to escape.

If one attempts to hit an aggressive shark with the spear gun's projectile and misses, it will prove extremely difficult and potentially dangerous to search for the projectile whilst being hunted by the target shark. You can find them washed up on the tide or in toolboxes.


• There is another speargun currently in the base game that can be fired with special arrows and acts similar to a bow and arrow

Gallery Edit

Stranded Deep Gameplay - SPEARGUN - Weapons and more! ★ Let's Play Stranded Deep Gameplay05:17

Stranded Deep Gameplay - SPEARGUN - Weapons and more! ★ Let's Play Stranded Deep Gameplay

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