Type Creature / Food
Species Squamata
Storable No
Usages Skinned for 1 Small meat

Snakes are an animal that can be found in Stranded Deep.

They are aggressive creatures that will attack if near the player.

If killed by the player, they can be skinned using the Refined Knife for one unit of small meat.


Snakes will make a hissing sound when they are near the player and whenever they are about to bite player. They generally will live in tall grass, they can not climb objects made by the player or Shipwrecks. Hitting the snake twice will anger the snake resulting it to try and chase you.


Snakes will attempt to bite the player if approached. If the player is bitten twice in rapid succession, then they will lose a portion of hydration. If the player is bitten three times, then they will lose a portion of health.

Version HistoryEdit

0.14: snake has ragdoll and now killable
0​​​.13: added the snak​e to the game