Refined axe
Axe Refined Icon
A better version of the Crude Axe that saves a small number of swings.
Type Tool
Items Required x1AxeCrude IconSM x1Stick Wood IconSM x1Lashing IconSM
Storable Yes / 4
Usages -Cutting down trees and plants
-Killing animals
-Skinning and opening Coconuts
-Cutting Yucca Plant
Life Span Varies

A Refined Axe is a tool that can be crafted in Stranded Deep.

Uses Edit

It is used in the same capacity as a Crude Axe, but is more efficient, saving the player one swing on coconuts and yucca, and two to three swings on palm trees and logs.

Crude axes take ten strikes to knock down a palm tree; it takes an additional eight strikes for each subsequent stage of degradation (from trunks to logs, from logs to sticks). The tool it is considered more efficient at cutting down trees than even a strong and durable tool like the machete.

Crafting Edit

To craft one Refined Axe you will need:

Gallery Edit