The martini (also known as the flaming martini or cocktail) is a craftable item in Stranded Deep. It is a flaming alcoholic drink that can be mixed together by the player during the game's introduction using the provided ingredients (a spirit (possibly gin) and a lemon slice) and the player's lighter; the drink can then be consumed. Consuming the drink does not seem to have any effect on the player's thirst meter, mainly due to the player not being able to view their vitals at this point in time.

The martini and its ingredients are only available to the player in the introduction, on the Flinear jet plane prior to its crash over the Pacific Ocean. The martini's crafting process is the game's method of introducing the player to its crafting mechanic; it is also the only task the player accomplishes during the introduction, aside from swimming out of the destroyed plane's wreckage to the life raft.


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