The Land Shark sign is an Easter egg, as well as one of many new features added in v0.03 of Stranded Deep. It is a yellow triangular "caution" sign with a silhouette of a shark and the words "CAUTION Land Shark" inscribed on it.

The sign can spawn randomly on islands, and can be found lying on the beach.

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Trivia Edit

  • Like other Easter eggs such as the DeadEx box, Wollie and the diver's slate, when the cursor is hovered over the Land Shark sign in the player's inventory, it reads "Awesome" in purple text with a star next to it.
  • The sign's label is a clear reference to the ongoing "land shark" bug present in the game prior to the v0.01.H1 hotfix, in which sharks and other marine life were capable of swimming underneath islands.
  • Might also be considered a "Parrot-Head" reference: more specifically the "Land Shark Lager" brand beer that came out after Jimmy Buffet's 1979 single 'Fins' made reference to "Sharks that could swim on the land"

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