Crude hammer
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A crude building tool with poor durability.
Required for building.
Items Required1 Lashing, 1 Stick, & 2 Rocks
UsagesUsed to build items
Life SpanVaries

A Crude Hammer is a tool item that can be crafted in Stranded Deep.

It can be constructed with one stick, two rocks and one lashing. The crude hammer is required for the building of structural items, such as foundations.

Before being able to build anything with the crude hammer, the appropriate materials need to be gathered. The player is then able to bring up the crafting menu by holding the 'use' key (default 'LMB') with the crude hammer in hand.

Trivia Edit

  • In the current build, like most tools, up to four crude hammers can be stored in the same inventory slot, even if they each have varying degrees of durability.


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