Crude bandage

A roll of bandage.
Can be used to treat bleeding.
Items Required1 Cloth & 1 Duct Tape
UsagesHelps heal cuts and stops bleeding
Life Span1-2 Uses

The crude bandage is a medical item crafted in Stranded Deep. Crude bandages can be crafted from one roll of duct tape and one piece of Cloth.

The crude bandage acts as an alternative to the regular bandage if the player experiences difficulty in finding one, though both effectively stop any bleeding that the player incurs. Once used, the player's health will begin to increase. The exact number of uses may vary for each bandage, from one to two uses, if not higher.

Like other medical items, the crude bandage can only be used if the player is injured.


  • Players have noted that the crude bandage may not be crafted on different occasions. This may be resolved by placing both items into the inventory, then placing them back on the ground.

Notes Edit

  • A crude bandage is visually similar to a bandage; this is due to there currently being no separate texture for each type of bandage.

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