Cloth is a loot item added in v0.02 of Stranded Deep. Pieces of cloth can be found inside hard cases and lockers contained within shipwrecks and plane wrecks.

Currently, cloth is of little use to the player, but will become more useful in later updates. Considering how little a role it serves, the item could very much be a placeholder.

Crafting Edit

As of v0.02, only a crude bandage can be crafted using one cloth and one roll of duct tape. More crafting recipes with the cloth may be added in future updates to come.

Trivia Edit

  • Like other loot items, despite spending a considerable amount of time inside underwater shipwrecks, the pieces of cloth manage to remain almost completely well-preserved, to the point where they are considered durable enough to use as a makeshift bandage, as well as there being no signs of wear and tear visible.

Gallery Edit

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