Climate in Stranded Deep Edit

The climate in Stranded Deep is much more realistic and varied than might be first believed. The month you spawn on determines the likelihood of a heatwave (and how many days it lasts), as well as the temperature and humidity averages in that month, as you progress through the months, days, and even hour to hour, these values will change.

For example in January it will get as cold as 65.6 F but as hot as 80.1 F with no chance what-so-ever of a heatwave (which last June through October). The relative humidity in January is 55%, and lastly the ocean temperature is 76 F. Compare however, this to August, the most demanding month of the year where it only gets as cold as 74.2 F but as hot as 88.7 F, the relative humidity is 59.5%, the ocean temperature is 80 F and the chance of a heatwave is 12 (6x more likely as in May (when the heatwaves start), and 2x more likely as any other month.

These all play a role in how fast you will require water. You will also notice a difference in temperature between being shaded, and being in the sun, again accelerating thirst.

In the ocean the deeper you go, the colder is gets. This is commonly referred to as 'Thermoclines'. The temperature of the ocean changes at the surface, as well as at 8 specific points-of-depth as you go down. Most likely BEAM lerps (linear interpolate) between these 9 total ocean temperatures levels to give a constant temperature when underwater.

Monthly Stats Edit

While we know heat directly affects the players need for water, the data on heatwaves is less known. We do know however that heatwaves have a calculated chance of happening and either a random, calculated or preset length when they do happen. Here is a table of the months heathave chances as well as other (presumably less important) stats.

Month Name [Min Temp (F), Max Temp (F). Rel. Humidity (%), Ocean Temp (F), Chance of A Heatwave (0-12)]

  • Jan [65.6, 80.1, 55, 76, 0]
  • Feb [65.4, 80.5, 69.5, 75, 0]
  • Mar [67.2, 81.6, 66, 76, 0]
  • April [68.7, 82.8, 63.5, 76, 0
  • May [70.3, 84.7, 61, 78, 0]
  • June [72.2, 86.5, 59.5, 79, 2]
  • July [73.5, 87.5, 60, 80, 6]
  • Aug [74.2, 88.7, 59.5, 80, 12]
  • Sept [73.5, 88.5, 60.5, 81, 11]
  • Oct [72.3, 86.9, 61.5, 81, 5]
  • Nov [70.3, 84.1, 65, 79, 0]
  • Dec [67, 81.2, 69, 77, 0]

If you look through the data, in August the relative humidity is 59.5% with an ocean temperature of 80F and a chance of heatwaves of 12/12, with the hottest range of temperatures in the year for example.

We can assume from this data that being in the water is the best way to cool yourself down.

Shade, Weather Events and Heat Index Edit

Shade Edit

Stranded Deep calculates being in the shade by taking the temperature and removing 10 degrees F. Using the stats above, the apparent temperature is calculated by linear interpolation between the months min and max temperatures by the time of day and a constant, this tells us the time of day is the how the temperature is first calculated.

Heat Index Edit

The game calculates the heat index using the temperature and humidity (it should be noted these are calculated, and not the values from above) . We can follow this equation as of 0.02 H1

Temp = temperature^2 Humid = humidity^2        

Heat Index = ((((((((-42.379f + (2.049015f * temperature)) + (10.14333f * humidity)) - ((0.2247554f * temperature) * humidity)) - (0.00683783 * Temp)) - (5.481717 * Humid)) + ((0.00122874 * Temp) * humidity)) + ((0.00085282 * temperature) * Humid)) - ((0.00000199 * Temp) * Humid))        

Inserting your own values for temperature and humidity you can roughly guess the heat index, what direct effect it has on the game directly is currently unknown.

All these values go up and down (fade) by a value which is constant (unconfirmed, fade value may be calculated).

Weather Events Edit

Weather events (currently only rain) bring down the temperature by a constant amount based on the weather events value (currently unknown). The chance of a weather event (currently only rain as of 0.02A H1) can be calculated as follows

if Random >= (10-(Rain Chance/10) then create a weather event. While random = a random number between 1 and 11 (when this is randomized is unknown, but assumed to be set at the start of the day IE 0:00:01) and Rain Chance = 70. To conclude lets assume the game assigns a random number of 4. So (10-(70/10)) is equal to 3 so no rain for that day. But 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 will make for rain. So either there is an average 26% chance of rain (11/3 = 27%) or a average chance of 19% of rain (27% * Rain Chance).

Weather events start at random times between the range of 4 and 16, again randomized. This means weather events will only start between 04:00 and 16:00 (unconfirmed, need more game-play time to confirm).

Thermoclines Edit

Currently there are 9 themoclines if you include the surface. We can assume the first number is feet (unconfirmed) and the second one is temperature in F.

  • Surface = 0, 75f
  • Level 1 = 500, 68f
  • Level 2 = 700, 53.6f
  • Level 3 = 900, 46.4f
  • Level 4 = 1250, 41.8f
  • Level 5 = 1500, 41f
  • Level 6 = 2000, 40.1f
  • Level 7 = 3500, 39.2f
  • Level 8 = 7000, 33.8f

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