Occasionally, one may encounter a game-breaking issue, or bug, when playing Stranded Deep. As with many early-access titles, Stranded Deep is not without its own minor issues that take away from the game's otherwise realistic and immersive atmosphere. Bugs encountered in the game can range from minor issues such as highlighted underwater silhouettes and infinite-use items, to major game-breakers such as subterranean "land sharks" and "land whales".

List of Unresolved Bugs Edit

The following details some of the unresolved bugs currently found in the game by players (if possible, please also add a picture to verify, as well as the version of the game the bug was found in. All entries are to be entered using the bullet-point format.):


  • The infamous "Land Shark/Whale" bug, in which a shark or whale spawns underneath an island, still tends to be a recurring problem for players, despite its apparent fix in v0.02. Some players have claimed to have still been attacked even when on dry ground.
  • Occasionally, yucca plants and palm trees will spawn "levitating".
  • Buoys clip through islands when pushed onto one.
  • If the player saves the game above water, or exits the game completely underwater (whether after being killed by a shark or by exiting) and reloads the save, underwater creatures and terrain will be highlighted until the player completely enters and exits the water.
  • If the player stands on an underwater rock in shallow water, their left hand acts as if they were falling from a great height.
  • Occasionally, crafting a raft becomes impossible, even if the player possesses the necessary number of sticks.


  • Paddling strokes can be duplicated by pausing the game and un-pausing mid-paddle. This also works on other tools (e.g. on axes to cut trees down faster).
    • If the player cuts a tree down using this swinging duplication, depending on if the timing is correct, the tree will duplicate upon its felling. Both trees can be harvested for resources, but if one tree is dragged, the other will move alongside its clone.
  • Sometimes, after coming back from another island, the player's bed would have teleported from inside their shelter to another random spot on the island.
  • If the player uses a Paddle on land, it will still make the sound of it hitting the water; this is due to the item only having one sound byte associated with it.
  • Saving before jumping off of a raft at sea can cause the raft (and motor, if one is attached) to disappear entirely when reloading the game.
  • The "motor-raft" may randomly sink to the bottom of the sea while traveling.


  • Sometimes, on loading a save file, the water level will have risen and the player's island will have been submerged by roughly a meter of water. This bug can be remedied by completely submerging and exiting the sea.
  • Approaching sea forts may cause the player's raft to suddenly sink to the bottom before being launched into the air. This can be remedied by approaching the forts from a different direction.
  • Jumping inside a buoy will highlight the surrounding area under the water, showing silhouettes of the sea bed and active fauna.


  • Container bug.


  • Drinking/eating does not work and sometimes the object is stuck in the player's hand and no other interactions/menus (inventory, crafting, main) will work, requiring to quit the game.

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