Boat motor
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Attach to a raft for speed!
Items RequiredFuel Tank, 1 Carburetor, 1 Engine, 1 Propeller, 1 Stick, & 1 Duct Tape
UsagesUsed for extra speed when on a Raft
Life SpanIndestructible

A boat motor is a craftable upgrade in Stranded Deep. It can be crafted using one fuel tank, carburetor, engine, engine pump, propeller, stick, and roll of duct tape. Before being able to craft a boat motor, the aforementioned parts need to be acquired; this is often considered a highly arduous task, as the main engine parts are uncommon and can only be found hidden inside shipwrecks or plane wrecks.

Players must have a Raft already built before they can build the motor. After crafting the main build, the player will be required to place it on the raft to complete it. Once the boat motor is set, the player then only has to stand on the raft and click on the motor with the 'use' key (default 'LMB') to start it. Maneuvering the raft with the motor uses the same keys as walking: W to go forward, S to go backward, A to travel left, and D to travel right. To turn the motor off, simply click on it again with the 'use' key.

The player is able to attach several boat motors to up to three sides of the raft. Activating two motors on adjacent sides will allow the player to travel diagonally and at faster speeds.

A boat motor's usage is dependent on how much fuel it has, which can be replenished with a Jerrycan at any time. To refuel, the player must click and hold onto the motor with the jerrycan in hand. A newly built engine contains the equivalent of one jerrycan of fuel. Currently, one tank of gas appears to last for an extremely long amount of time, but does indeed decrease with use.

When the motor is in use, it can be susceptible to stalling and shutting off, potentially causing the player to fall off of the raft should they continue to attempt to move forward.


Trivia Edit

  • Because the boat motor is made up of several engine parts salvaged from wrecks that have spent a considerable amount of time under the ocean, it often falls into question as to how it is able to function almost perfectly in good condition.

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