The Boar

The player sees the boar

Boar Edit

This boar is so strong 3 arrows and spears to kill it

The Boar is one of the two new creatures introduced in version 0.13. You can currently kill and skin the boar, but due to it's high movement speed, it's quite difficult. When killed and skinned with a knife, it gives 2 raw hide and 2 medium meat. It takes the player four arrows or three spears to kill the boar.

Behavior Edit

The boar is a passive creature it won't harm the player. If the player is seen going near the boar it will attempt to flee.

Hunting Edit

Boars can be killed with four crude spears or four arrows. Two refined spears thrown kill a boar.

History Edit

0.14:Boars are now skinnable and gives 2 medium meat
0.13:Boars are added into the game