• Paddle99

    paddles pics

    October 5, 2016 by Paddle99

    Ten Story tower, I built in most games up to version 16.00, unfortunatly after v16 ,billbording improvements by Beam, mean I can no longer continue, as the tower is invisable, 50 yards/meters from the tower base ,,,,????

    Great for stroing loot, navidgation, spotting sharks, or just hanging out cheers/

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  • Foxxxtman

    Ok so I got the game a couple days ago and I finally got all the parts to make a motor... so I get started piling up all the items, getting a hammer, etc. but when I get ready to craft it wont let me... I've been on the internet all day today and all last night wondering why this is, if you guys can please help me out it would be such a huge help, thanks!

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  • Folks3

    Air Tanks

    September 3, 2015 by Folks3

    So, air tanks are so difficult to find, yet it only can be used for 3 times only.

    By logical air tanks should be self-refilled when we're on surface. This is a suggestion for developer. 

    How you guys doing ?

    i almost found all of the items in stranded deep, except mysterious box. Getting bored already, sometimes i paddle to the middle ocean and bring a whistle pretend like i am in a movie life of pi, After the sunset i go back to my basecamp. i cook food, and sit on my bed watching the sky to look a flying plane and use my flare gun. no shits happen, i have a total 3 flare guns. So i'm still waiting for a rescue, i'm hoping a flying plane detect my flare coordinate and report it to the air traffic controller. 

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  • AvengerofSquids

    Day 1

    Paddled to my home island after my plane crashed into the ocean. I have a steady supply of yucca plants and plenty of palm trees and potato plants. There is at least one crab nest, and multiple shipwrecks surround the island.

    Found a torch, a machete, one duct tape and two hammers in the shipwrecks. Narrowly avoided getting stung by a sea urchin as I swam out. A tiger shark attacked me and I hit him with my machete, but he glitched into the island before I could finish him off. I hope they fix that bug.

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    CreepyPasta Blog

    March 4, 2015 by AZTEK GAMING

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  • Magicin3

    I was just wondering, since it might come in handy later.

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    Hello. I'm gonna show you my main house in stranded deep.

    Outside view.

    That's my house for now :)

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  • EthanBaconBacon

    Crab bombs where discovered by generikb where you put a rock on a crab causing them crab the walk into the rock so it breaks into rock shards.

    If you put a rock on a crab it will explode (hence the name Crab Bomb) into rock shards which act as shrapnel

    If you put a rock shard on a crab then it will create what I will call a "crab cutter", This can be used to break coconuts (not green coconuts) into coconut halves along with rocks into rock shards in a couple seconds, this effect can also be done with normal coconuts.

    If places correctly then maybe you can use an unbreakable object to create a small "device" which can be used to saw through coconuts and rocks easily.

    Notes- when the coconuts or rocks explode there is a great chance that they wi…

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  • Pinkachu

    Spiff and Content

    February 23, 2015 by Pinkachu

    Hello!  My name is Pinkachu and I am here to shiny up your community wikia a bit. We have noticed that this site has been gaining attention from our visitors and we though a new look with more mobile friendly features would be awesome! I left a message on your Admin's wall last week but have not heard from them. We are also attempting to curb your recent influx of spam and vandalism. Anytime there's a concern regarding the wikia that your Admin is not able to solve or is not responding to, please use Special:Contact and let us know. We will do our best to help resolve the issue. 

    I have removed some of the non-game related videos and pictures from the site (unless they are user profile pictures and are acceptable per TOU) and will be watch…

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  • LordOfTheLOL2
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  • MaintenanceRequired

    The User Guide To-Do List:

    • Expand on all articles.
    • Adding Stub tags to unfinished or little articles.
    • Rewrite the mainpage.
    • Creating useful templates.


    • Torch(delet)
    • BNBoss
    • I started a new game and this spawned on my island... what do I do?
    • Test

    This is controversial, but in my view, these are the pages to merge and to the page of merge:

    • Version History to Stranded Deep
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