A bed is a craftable structure in Stranded Deep. Building a bed requires six sticks, four lashings, and four palm fronds; it is built by hand.

When the player performs this action, they will exert up four hunger units and up to two thirst units overnight, before waking up the next morning.

Saving the game Edit

As of version 0.11, the player can only save the game via a bed or a shelter. When holding the 'use' button (default: LMB) the user will be prompted with a menu in which there is a choice between the regular 'sleep' option and the 'save' option to save the current status of the game.


  • Prior to the v0.02.H1 hotfix, the bed had a habit of despawning if the player left the island.
  • In v0.02, beds did not react correctly to gravity when moved; occasionally they would float in the air.
  • Attempting to sleep in a bed during nightfall would occasionally bring up the "You can only sleep at night." prompt by mistake.
  • Prior to v0.02, beds were a buildable item instead of a craftable one.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to v0.02, beds could not be placed inside a foundation, only on the ground, exposing the player to the elements. After v0.02, beds now act as a normal interactive item. The player can now drag it around and into their home.
  • Saving the game via a bed is only possible since 0.11. Before that, the menu had to be used to save the game.
  • If the player drags the bed underwater then tries to sleep it will say Underwater? You must be tired.

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