The AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) is a weapon item and one of the many new features unofficially added in v0.03.H2 of Stranded Deep.

The AK-47 is a Soviet firearm possibly left behind by a soldier during an unknown time period. It holds one magazine of ammunition, but is currently able to be fired indefinitely.

Equipping and firing the firearm will allow the player to damage trees and rocks. It is unknown if it will allow the player to slay sea fauna from afar.

As it is an unofficial addition to the game, the AK-47 can only be obtained through modding. Whether the firearm will officially be implemented in the game has yet to be announced. The developers have stated that firearms will not be in-game so it probably will not be officially added. Should it be added to the game, it is speculated that the AK-47 (and possibly extra ammunition) will be found hidden inside plane wrecks or washed-up crates.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to its current state as an unofficial Stranded Deep obtainable, the AK-47 is treated as an Easter egg item, its description displaying the same "Awesome" tag as the regular Easter egg items.

Gallery Edit

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